as a complex solution for indoor & outdoor digital communication.


What We Do?

Find My Car

The easiest way to park the car and find it safely after hours of shopping. Feature which your audience would love.

Grocery list

Interactive shopping list, connected with market floor plan, brings unique shopping experience navigating from shelter to shelter.

Employee Program

Run quality & rewarding emploee motivational program through the mobile app.

Smart search

Smart search on all venue content. Shops, services, offices and connected messages etc. Never loose any useful info.

Way Finder

Powerful tool to navigate your audience through the venue, to inspire it, to provide useful tips where to go etc.

Loyalty cards

All loyalty cards saved in one place in digital form. Always by the hand beside other shopper info.


All kind of information - opening hours, events etc. is simultanously dispalyed on all or selected devices.


Every piece of digital advertising and promotion is properly dispaleyed on chosen time on all or selected devices.

Emergency info

If there is a real danger or just need to inform all people in venue with one direct message, you can do it all at once on all devices.


Connected devices

Mobile App

InfoTOUCH Screens

Digital screens


unique users


interacts on screens/month


new posts/month


Tailored for all kind locations


Lead the pacients safely through the diagnostic process in different specialists. Give then actual information and remind them on necessities.


Guest are every time and all the time very well informed abou venue activities, opening hours atc. They can reserve any hotel feature directly, even open room.


Simplify all the procedures to travellers and show them the way, how to enjoy the best of the crowdy place. Travelling should be fun without stress...


To be oriented, to get right information at right time and and even enjoy visit. All that can visitror get nicely packeg with technology.

Shopping Malls

There's many features which would attract shoppers. The platform provides dynamic signing, navigaters and act as a handy shopping guide & helper.


To communicate individually with people in crowds is significant for event organization. Platform flexibility enables quick adaptation to any purpose.

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